Employment Services

Finding a Purpose

Epic Enterprise serves to provide real-life work experiences for individuals with disabilities. Considering the unique skills, abilities, and support needs of each individual, we offer a wide range of employment opportunities within the community. Contact us to learn more.

Rewarding Work Experiences

We hope to empower individuals by providing the resources and support they need in order to be successful and contribute to the community in meaningful ways. Through partnerships with innovative businesses, individuals have the opportunity to work at a variety of sites, including small businesses, family-operated companies, and larger corporations.

Our Business Partners

Employment Services

Our unique employment supports and services ensure productive work experiences that embrace diversity.

Individual Employment

An Epic employment agent works with job seekers in the community to find and maintain employment. The employment development process is driven by the job seeker’s unique interests, preferences, and skills. Individuals can continue to receive support from Epic throughout their employment, ensuring that both the individual’s and employer’s needs are met.

Community Work Crews

Through the supervision and support of an Epic job coach, individuals can work in groups as they learn basic job skills. While earning a paycheck, workers can learn how to meet quality standards, take supervisory direction, and improve their interpersonal skills. Work crews enable individuals of all skill levels to become well-equipped, wage-earning members of the community.

Employment Planning

Our employment planning services allow for individualized work experiences that are unique to the individual and set them up for success in the workplace.

  • Discovery

    This tool is used to discover the ideal conditions of employment for a job seeker by taking into account their interests and skills. The assessment is used to find employment that melds the desires of the worker with those of the employer, ensuring a meaningful work experience.

  • Job Skills Training

    We offer individualized training to assist job seekers as they plan and prepare for future employment and workplace success. Possibilities include managing a job search, confronting workplace realities, forming relationships with co-workers, and providing excellent customer service.

  • Work Evaluations

    Many employers in Rice County serve as evaluation sites for vocational evaluators to gather information about the individual’s work interests, skills, behaviors, and tolerances while working. Evaluators then recommend the supports needed to find and maintain employment.