Business Partners

Forming Valuable Partnerships

Epic Enterprise has formed unique partnerships with more than 60 area businesses to fill their needs and offer employment opportunities to adults with disabilities by ensuring that the worker’s and business’s needs and abilities align. We offer customizable services and can assist employers with recruitment, selection, on-the-job training, follow-up support services, and job customization.

Ways to Become an Epic Business Partner

There are many reasons to hire people with disabilities to work at your business. Epic business partners realize the potential of people with all kinds of abilities and how their talents and extraordinary work ethic add value to a business.

There are a variety of ways to become an Epic business partner.

  • Hire an Individual

    Epic’s staff works to match people’s abilities with a company’s staffing needs. People with disabilities often have a strong work ethic and desire to work, reducing recruitment costs for their employer. Additionally, people with disabilities help to diversify a workforce, often broadening a company’s customer base. Your business also benefits through some tax advantages.

  • Employ a Work Team

    Want to save time and resources? Use Epic to provide your business with an on-site team of workers with an experienced work supervisor. We often pay the wages, workers’ compensation, and other employment-related costs and then bill the business for the work done.

    Some possibilities include:

    • Professional cleaning/janitorial
    • Food service and hospitality
    • Retail support and stock
    • Digital imaging
    • Product fulfillment

    Our workers can be trained in other types of work.

  • Production at Epic's Location

    Some businesses have found it cost-effective to contract with Epic to increase their capacity to meet production needs. Our in-house work is completed while keeping in mind the strict quality control standards set by each business.

  • Become an Evaluation Site

    Employers who offer their workplace as an evaluation site give an individual the chance to test their employment skills and prepare for future employment. The business benefits from gaining a temporary worker whose wages are paid by Epic. We provide an Epic evaluator to oversee their work while assessing their interests, abilities, and needed supports.

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Business Partners

By forming powerful partnerships with businesses, we’re able to fulfill their needs and offer tailored employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Contact us if you’re interested in joining the innovative business partners below.